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Beware the Internet cookie monster?

Cookies are a fearful monster of the Internet, it seems, while having money or information stolen online is a major ... read more

UK Polling Update

It’s been a long journey, but we’ve finally arrived at the eve-of-referendum ... read more

UK Polling Update

With what I assume are all Sunday’s Scottish polls in, where do ... read more

UK Polling Update

YouGov’s penultimate Scottish poll before the referendum is out tonight (the last ... read more


Latest: 'Energy, Politics and the Consumer'

As the national debate on fuel bills and living standards continues, the YouGov-Cambridge Programme launched a special report on 'Energy, Politics and the Consumer' with an evening event at the British Academy on Thursday 3rd April. Full details here

Next: 'Public Opinion and the General Election'

As the curtain-raiser on YouGov’s countdown to May 2015, this event will take place at the Cambridge POLIS Department on Thurs 23rd Oct, with speakers including Harriet Harman, Paddy Ashdown, Jon Snow, David Willetts, and debates, live polling and new research around key issues such as who/what will determine the outcome, does Labour understand business and do the Tories understand ordinary people?
Full details here


The YouGov-Cambridge Programme is a unique partnership between YouGov and the Cambridge POLIS Department that brings academic and polling experts together to collaborate on public policy research.

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Featured graphic - UK Election Swing Calculator

Con Conservative 306 seats (nc)
Lab Labour 258 seats (nc)
LD Liberal Democrats 57 seats (nc)
Other Others 9.8% 11 seats (nc)
NI Northern Ireland 18 seats (nc)

UK Voting Intention