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UK Polling Update

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Obama risks losing the Senate

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Latest: 'Energy, Politics and the Consumer'

As the national debate on fuel bills and living standards continues, the YouGov-Cambridge Programme launched a special report on 'Energy, Politics and the Consumer' with an evening event at the British Academy on Thursday 3rd April.

Speakers included:
Caroline Flint (Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change); Alistair Phillips-Davies (Chief Executive, SSE); Edward Davey (Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change); Paul Spence (Director of Strategy and Regulation, EDF); Stephen Fitzpatrick (MD, Ovo Energy); Ann Robinson (Director , Consumer Policy, uSwitch); David Reiner (Cambridge University); Tony Cocker (Chief Executive, E.ON); Angela Knight (Chief Executive, Energy UK)

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The YouGov-Cambridge Programme is a unique partnership between YouGov and the Cambridge POLIS Department that brings academic and polling experts together to collaborate on public policy research.

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Featured graphic - UK Election Swing Calculator

Con Conservative 306 seats (nc)
Lab Labour 258 seats (nc)
LD Liberal Democrats 57 seats (nc)
Other Others 9.8% 11 seats (nc)
NI Northern Ireland 18 seats (nc)

UK Voting Intention